AND JUST LIKE THAT took another nosedive this week. It is one of the most disappointing shows that I had looked forward to revisiting. 

I admit I did enjoy Che (Sara Ramirez). She is funny, strong, and opinionated. Sara has her character down perfectly, but it was not enough. I am tired of hearing how old “55” is to Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis). It’s time to accept changes in relationships, aging lines, fitness rings, and hearing the title “ma’am.” Is being alone better? Or is it a “different reality than what you thought?”

Since I am a retired theatre teacher, the highlight of this installment was seeing my former student Stephen Burgi play an extra in the crowd scene. Now that made me smile! To the creators of AND JUST LIKE THAT…I am so not BEWILDERED and BOTHERED, but I do wish I was BEWITCHED.  

It’s available to stream on HBO MAX. 

Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about playing her violin, walking, gardening, and reading murder mysteries.

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