This "requel" stinks.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (HIMYM) was one of the defining sitcoms of my 20s and 30s. Yes, it had a lot of filler, and they didn’t stick the landing nor miss it as big as LOST or DEXTER, but the show got me. Rather than have a group of FRIENDS hang out at a coffee shop in NY, it wisely took place in a bar. But, more importantly, it turned Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) into one of the most quotable TV characters of all time. It was “legend,” wait for it “dary.” And on a personal note, it was the basis for my wedding proposal. 

Christmas gift for my future wife before proposing.
Engagement ring + the blue french
horn from HIMYM

Sadly, HOW I MET YOUR FATHER (HIMYF) fails on all levels. And in Barney Stinson fashion, here are my top five reasons HIMYF sucks:

  1. I don’t care. In HIMYM, audiences instantly cared about ALL of the main characters. In HIMYF, I have zero emotional attachment to the female Ted Mosby, Sophie (Hilary Duff), outside of her inability to charge her phone.
  2. The narrator. Kim Cattrall is not as good as Bob Saget. 
  3. The jokes are all duds. From Tinder, penis crushing, and bad coffee, none of it is funny. 
  4. No hook. Phill Lord and Chris Miller are not involved with HIMYF and it’s noticable.
  5. FOMO. The second episode is about having FOMO and ALL good TV shows create this relationship with their audience. I have zero “fear of missing out” if I don’t watch any more of this flawed show. 

HIMYF is available on Hulu. But instead of watching it, I recommend falling in love with the HIMYM pilot.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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