Monday, February 21, 2022

NORMAN FUCKING ROCKWELL! (2019) 🤩 – Lana Del Rey  

Rating: 8.8/10 

Favorite song(s): “Happiness is a butterfly” and “Doin’ Time” 

Favorite lyric: “Happiness is a butterfly / Try to catch it, like, every night / It escapes from my hands into moonlight” – “Happiness is a butterfly” 

Lana Del Rey sounds like she is always on the brink of tears, in the best way possible. Somehow, every song in NORMAN FUCKING ROCKWELL! pulls you apart and puts you back together in a comforting and heartbreaking way. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

IF I COULD MAKE IT GO QUIET (2021) 😊 –  girl in red   

Rating: 5.2/10 

Favorite song(s): “.” 

Favorite lyric: None 

IF I COULD MAKE IT GO QUIET feels like it is trying to be edgy for the sake of being edgy. The rock elements are similar to the sounds of WILLOW, but without the soulful and stirring vocals. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

WINK (2021) 🤩 – CHAI  

Rating: 8.1/10 

Favorite song(s): “ACTION” and “PING PONG!”

Favorite lyric: “​​Make art, make love yeah” 

WINK is high-energy and groovy. Its unbridled positivity is incredible, and it is one of those albums that you can’t resist bopping your head to. 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

CLEAN (2018) 🤩 – Soccer Mommy   

Rating: 8.5/10

Favorite song(s): “Blossom (Wasting All My Time)” and “Your Dog”

Favorite lyric: “I don’t wanna be your fucking dog / That you drag around / A collar on my neck tied to a pole / Leave me in the freezing cold” – “Your Dog”

The production and lyricism of CLEAN are simply beautiful, and singing along to “Your Dog” is a liberating experience that everyone needs to try at least once. 

Friday, February 25, 2022

BE THE COWBOY (2018) 🤩 – Mitski 

Rating: 9.6/10 

Favorite song(s): “Two Slow Dancers” and “Nobody” 

Favorite lyric: “And I know no one will save me / I’m just asking for a kiss / Give me one good movie kiss / And I’ll be alright” – “Nobody”

BE THE COWBOY is a spiritual experience. From “Washing Machine Heart” to “Me and My Husband” to “Two Slow Dancers,” Mitski delivers masterpiece after masterpiece, each one with its own spunky production and absolutely heart-rending lyrics.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

PUBERTY 2 (2016) 🤩 – Mitski 

Rating: 9.4/10 

Favorite song(s): “I Bet on Losing Dogs” and “Crack Baby”

Favorite lyrics: “I bet on losing dogs / I know they’re losing and I pay for my place / By the ring

Where I’ll be looking in their eyes when they’re down / I’ll be there on their side / I’m losing by their side” – “I Bet on Losing Dogs”

It’s difficult for an artist to deliver one perfect album after another, but somehow, Mitski does just that. The songs in PUBERTY 2 work together cohesively to create an enrapturing experience, and with another set of masterfully written songs, Mitski proves she is one of the best lyricists of the 21st century. 

Sunday, February 27, 2022

BURY ME AT MAKEOUT CREEK (2014) 😊 – Mitski

Rating: 8.4/10 

Favorite song(s):  “First Love / Late Spring” and “Francis Forever”

Favorite lyric(s): “I don’t know what to do without you / I don’t know where to put my hands / I’ve been trying to lay my head down / But I’m writing this at 3 AM” – “Francis Forever”

Out of Mitski’s four albums, BURY ME AT MAKEOUT CREEK is probably my least favorite, but that does not mean it is not a spectacular album. The hard rock sound of this album, compared to the more toned-down rock sound of the others, is my only reservation; the lyrics and vocals are still top tier. 

Tavish Mohanti

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