There are scenes in AFTERSUN that I zoned out during – lingering shots of a view from a train, scenic expanses from the Turkish coastline, mundane conversation; but (maybe surprisingly), it felt like I should’ve. AFTERSUN, directed by Charlotte Wells and starring Paul Mescal, tries to capture the concept of memory – and succeeds. The film is big on mood and has an excellent soundtrack that hints at what’s actually happening.

At a brisk 98 minutes, the movie is tranquil, deeply melancholy, and incredibly affecting but doesn’t have a structured plot. As a viewer, you’re filling in the blanks as if you’re reflecting on a possibly painful memory from years ago. Bolstered by incredible performances by Mescal as Calum, a young father, and Frankie Corio, his 11-year-old daughter, AFTERSUN leaves you with a lump in your throat as you’re left deciding what’s happened.

It isn’t for everyone, but it’s an intriguing and powerful film. AFTERSUN is now playing in theaters.

Tarush Mohanti

Tarush Mohant is a playlist curator and music explorer, the creator of illussongs (illustrations of songs), and has a fitness plan motivated by action movies (running, climbing, swimming, hiking). Tarush is also a Product Manager at HBO Max.

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