“Even an ordinary secretary, or a housewife, or a teenager can in their own way, turn on a small light in a dark room.“

I was given a gift when I watched A SMALL LIGHT. It is based around Miep Gies, the courageous young woman who helped hide Anne Frank, her family, and four others for two years during World War II. It is based on historical facts and is considered biographical. 

Bel Powley portrayed Miep. I can’t say enough about her extraordinary performance. She conveyed all the “human” emotions necessary to make audiences believe the intensity of this compelling story. Her fears, doubts, constant anxiety, sadness, and perseverance left me in a puddle on the floor. I was transported every step of the way during those two years. I could not binge this series. It felt too real and raw. The everyday ups and downs of finding enough food for eight was mind-blowing. I laughed and cried over the strawberries and the lighting of the Chanukah candles. It was brilliant, creative acting. The breaths the entire ensemble shared were magical. 

Liev Schreiber played Otto Frank. Joe Cole gave life to Miep’s husband, Jan Gies. Kudos to these two men and their outstanding performances. Their fears were palatable. You could feel exactly every emotion they projected on the screen. I could not look away, although I wanted to many times. In fact, the entire cast was phenomenal. Everyone captured the essence of each character. It was a master class in acting in how to immerse yourself and become “one.” It was enthralling to watch. 

One of the most significant themes of this limited series was constantly reinforced was “one day the world, and you will have to live with itself.” Miep and Jan were constantly questioning themselves if they had done enough. They needed to save as many as they could every day. When was it enough? Jan was a huge part of the Resistance. It is by the grace of God he survived. Resilience and hope gave this National Geographic series its foundation to share this story in such a way that it is inspirational. 

A SMALL LIGHT is must-see TV. Don’t miss this phenomenally powerful show. Every generation must know and understands how close the world came to losing its humanity. “We must never forget,” no matter how difficult it is to watch. It is living proof that one person can make a difference. It is a choice all of us make every day.

A SMALL LIGHT is available to stream on Disney+.

Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about playing her violin, walking, gardening, and reading murder mysteries.

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