#23 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (w/Diandra Lazor & Paige Joy)

I’m joined this week by Paige Joy and Diandra Lazor, creators/stars of the new NoES Fandom Documentary, FREDHEADS, to discuss A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS! Grab your crucifix, take your Hypnocil, and never sleep again as we go RICK OR TREATING on Elm Street!


  • INSTA: @RickOrTreatPod

DIANDRA & PAIGE (Guest Hosts):

  • DIANDRA INSTA: @sassysledgehammer
  • PAIGE INSTA: @TheFinalGurl13
  • PAIGE TIK TOK: @TheFinalGurl13


RICKY (Host):

RICKY MESTRE (Statuette Illustrator):

  • SOCIALS: @rickymestre

MIKE HADDEN (Original Awards Musi  Composer)


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Diandra Lazor

FredHeads the Documentary

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[He/him/his] Ricky is an actor, singer, and writer in New York City. Passions include: theme parks, Disney villains, and watching horror movies with his cat. He's also the host of the RICK OR TREAT HORRORCAST podcast.

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