“WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” -- “Sunrise, Sunset” -- Season 4, Episode 10 (Airs September 6) — Pictured: Mark Proksch as Colin, Matt Berry as Laszlo. CR: Russ Martin: FX

I take back everything I’ve said about WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS not doing enough in terms of story. The season finale was emotional, funny, and surprisingly deep. Although, at this point, I probably shouldn’t even be surprised.

Vampires are inherently change-resistant creatures. Our Staten Island crew has always been in a constant struggle with their human sides; Nandor’s self-reflection, Lazslo’s parenting, and Baby Colin’s growth pains. The pursuit of change is exhausting, and that’s become the theme of this season.

In some ways, the show has reset itself; we’re back to where we were after the third season, but all of our characters have completed a form of metamorphosis. Yet, it’s an oddly somber yet fitting ending to an antic-filled chapter.

The WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS season four finale is now streaming on FX on Hulu.

Also…the title sequence and end credits were excellent. The more vampire musical covers, the better.

Tarush Mohanti

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