While I love WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, there are a few episodes that don’t quite stick the landing. Unfortunately, I think THE CASINO is one of them.

The episode starts strong – I mean, casinos are the best possible place for vampires! Yet somehow, I feel like this episode fell a bit short. Coming off of the excellent GAIL last week, which fully leaned into the satirizing vampire mythos, I was expecting another home run.

The vampires seemed a little too mean, and it wasn’t particularly interesting seeing them “without their powers” – I mean, they’re vampires! While it was sort of funny, it got old, quick. Also, the episode wasn’t even that interesting before the power-loss debacle. Nadja’s bit about knowing The Rat Pack was pushed a little too far (I mean, can’t she do the math?), plus Nandor’s Big Band Theory obsession felt a little forced. There’s also some randomly shocking gore that feels so out of place, even for a show about blood-sucking creatures of the night.

There are some great bits though, and they all came from Colin Robinson. While I complained a lot above, there are still some great one-liners, and Guillermo’s trip collecting ancestral soil from across the world was fun to watch.

The new episode of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS is available to stream on Hulu.

Tarush Mohanti

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