This week’s WHAT IF…? represents exactly what I imagined the show would be about.

Last week’s Peggy Carter episode stuck to the events of the first CAPTAIN AMERICA, whereas this week’s episode gives us an entirely different universe. Right from the (amazing) first scene, our understanding of how subversive this alternate reality is.
Chadwick Boseman reprises his role as T’Challa, who takes up the mantle of Star-Lord. The persona of T’Challa is much less flawed than Peter Quill’s giving us a Star-Lord who’s earned the title, all while maintaining the ethics, personality, and gravitas of the Black Panther we’ve loved. It’s bittersweet hearing Boseman’s voice, but his excitement for the character shines through beautifully.
Lastly, the animation style reaches its potential in this episode. Like the last episode, every frame seems like its own art piece (reminds me a bit of THE MANDALORIAN end credits). But unlike CAPTAIN CARTER, which was visually much darker, the colorful world of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is reflected wonderfully in the animation.

WHAT IF…T’CHALLA BECAME A STAR-LORD is available to stream on Disney+ now!

Tarush Mohanti

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