Mike, Esta, and Aaron’s season two review of MYTHIC QUEST on Apple TV+.




ESTA: E8 JUICE BOX. I loved seeing how vulnerable Ian (Rob McElhenney) can be. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending of the episode. It was definitely the beginning of a true understanding between Poppy and Ian.

MIKE: E6 BACKSTORY. Somber and experimental, much like season one’s A DARK QUIET DEATH. It gives a lot of depth to C.W. Brilliantly acted. Brilliantly written. Just well done overall.

AARON: YES, E6 BACKSTORY for the win! Audiences get to see the series grow from an office place work comedy to a more mature dramedy. P.S. Rob McElhenney, “I enjoyed your use of backstory.”


ESTA: Kudos to F. Murray Abraham as C.W. What a performance and backstory throughout this season. My favorite character is, hands down, Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao). She blurts whatever comes out of her mouth. I love her honesty and naivety.

AARON: Yes, F. Murray Abraham. I didn’t want to say, “Goodbye, old girl” in E7. Watching him go head-to-head with William Hurt was some of the best TV of 2021.

MIKE: Although, I loved F. Murray Abraham. I’m afraid I have to disagree. My pick is David. He’s a hilarious, sad sack who’s constantly ignored and belittled. I can’t help but feel sorry for him!


MIKE: YUMYUM – I don’t remember a damn thing about this episode. Probably wasn’t anything noteworthy.

ESTA: Agreed. YUMYUM. The plotline was lost for a few weeks, and this episode was part of the lost time.

AARON: Wow, we are all in agreement here. YUMYUM was the weakest. Despite the hilarious scene with David being compared to a loot box (tempting exterior, but garbage on the inside), for the most part, this episode was a miss.


AARON: Rachel (Ashly Burch). She’s not given much to do outside of pine over her love interest, Dana (Imani Hakim).

ESTA: My least favorite is Ian (Rob McElhenney). I don’t know how he balances his ego on those meager shoulders. Sometimes I want to scream, “just stop talking!”

MIKE: I honestly think all the characters are somewhat unlikable. So it’s sort of an eight-way tie.


AARON: Anything that David says as a wolf in the bottle episode.

ESTA: “I’m a woman of color, I can’t get canceled, can I?” – Poppy

MIKE: “I am super good at sex!” – Poppy


ESTA: The first season was much better than the second. They could have ended the series there, and it would be must-see tv for gamers. I did enjoy the overall growth of each character. This added depth as to who they were. I have met many of these characters in my life.

MIKE: To be honest, I thought it was forgettable. I honestly struggled trying to remember a lot of this season for this assessment, and I only saw it two to three weeks ago.

AARON: Wow, I disagree with both of you on this one. Although the season took a bit to get going, I thought it was equal to or possibly better than the first. From the “Rainbow Connection” moment in JUICE BOX to the finale moment in the bar between Poppy and Ian. I LOVED this season. I’m hopeful more audiences find this 🤩 worthy season.

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