“We Interrupt this Program” for a “Very Special” review with a different critic’s opinion. I am not as close to the comics as my counterparts and I went into E5 with a spark(y) after last week.

I love the audacity of Marvel to try something new but after five episodes, it’s time to pay off the narrative debt disclosing even more of their sleight of hand. How about a big bad reveal? And if it’s XX (removed due to spoilers), then this show won’t add up for me.

I am disappointed as it appears that Wanda really is “making it up as we go along because of love.” I don’t want to put a “hex” on things, however I am ready to enter the final act ala THE TRUMAN SHOW as the TV trope bit has been given too much weight.

Complaints aside, I am still all in to see where we go. To the creators of the show, please don’t “take it one more time from the top,” as I might just snap my fingers and skip to the last episode to see what happens.

It’s available on Disney+

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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