My JERRY MAGUIRE heart instantly shattered this week as Madison realized she needs to accept a life with magical sparks. Kevin and Madison’s wedding hits a shocking conclusion and the other stories collide with some new revelations.

The moment that destroyed me though was Rebecca and Randall’s LONG overdue conversation about what she did to hurt him. Her speech, “You can tell me how I hurt you, and if I cry, I know what I robbed from my favorite person” was network TV perfection. As Randall teared up, I completely broke down. That’s the beauty of THIS IS US. It’s an insight into families that shines a light on our own. I’ve been with Randall for five seasons, watching his ups and downs. His release is shared empathetically with the audience as well.

As we flash forward to the closing scenes, it’s clear that the show has a few more tricks up its sleeves. Randall’s quote, “it’s always darkest before the dawn, but we hang our tragedies on fence posts and we fight on” is the perfect set-up for what’s coming in network TV’s best family drama. It will be a sad day when I can no longer tune in to hang with the Pearson family, but I can’t wait to continue the ride one last time next season.

To see how “No one’s let off the hook” in the season finale of THIS IS US tune to Peacock TV.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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