Last week I said we need answers now. And this week, we get such an abundance of them, it’s insane! But good insane!

This show won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Many may think it’s convoluted. Many will be lost. Many will give up. But I frankly don’t give a damn. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I love every complicated, fascinating, ambitious element of this series and its phenomenal stars – particularly, in this episode, the AMAZING Laura Donelly, who deserves an Emmy just for this episode alone!

We finally get a lot of truths revealed, and it all leaves you eager with anticipation for the second half of the season, whenever that will debut. And carrying that whole thing is Donelly and her tremendously difficult performance. Lots of origins, and lots of twisty reveals that truly live up to the insane sci-fi premise of the series; TRUE proves to you this is something more than just a Victorian-set X-Men.

The best episodes of TV challenge you to rewatch everything you’ve seen so far in a new light. TRUE is that kind of an episode. And while I’m sad that we have to wait so long for the second half of the season to continue, the one thing I’m incredibly happy about with the delay is that I get to rewatch the first 6 episodes of this fascinating series in a completely new context, all because of this insanely good hour of television.

The finale of Part One of THE NEVERS SEASON ONE is now on HBO Max.

Mike Manalo

Born a Slytherin. Baptized into Marvel. Bitten by a Radioactive DC fan. And raised a Jedi, Mike Manalo is a silent guardian, a watchful protector… a Dark Nerd!

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