Not necessarily as powerful or shocking as last week’s episode, UNDERTAKING is still “Never”theless an entertaining hour of television that reveals more shocking twists and “Turns” to advance a story that’s slowly getting peeled back layer after layer every week.

In some sense, it’s a bit ridiculous to see folks frustrated with questions being posed when shows like WANDAVISION did the same thing to rave reviews. Between the two, I’ll say the answers come faster in THE NEVERS, and with two episodes left, it’s been fun to get clues in every episode. I’m less frustrated by the mystery because the information they’re giving us each week is more substantial.

UNDERTAKING definitely sets up a lot of questions while also revealing more about the woman at the heart of the series, Amalia True. It’s once more an exercise in showing not telling, but given that the characters on the show are getting just as eager for answers as the audience, you know the answers are coming soon because the narrative depends on it. It just doesn’t have to be tonight. And that’s okay.

The show takes a bit of a beat from an action point of view this week, but still manages to pepper in the wit and quirky humor, as driven by a cast with impeccable delivery in terms of dialogue and humor.

In any case, not a bad episode. Lots of interesting reveals. And looking forward to the final two episodes coming in the next couple of weeks.

Episode 4 of THE NEVERS is now on HBO Max.

Mike Manalo

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