It’s quite possible this opinion won’t be a popular one. I trust at this point in time, controversy will overtake concept, and I’ll perhaps find myself mourning the early loss of a show I feel has a lot of promise. But for what it’s worth I enjoyed this.

THE NEVERS won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. There is a LOT of show-don’t-tell going on here that will drive the impatient mad, even though it’s a good thing. After all, being that this is only the first episode, I don’t find myself concerned with unanswered questions, as I do intrigued by several setups. The show consists of good characters portrayed by excellent actors, witty dialogue, exciting ideas, twists, and action, and the promise of a great, and different adventure to come with several mysteries I would like answers to.

Maybe I am in the minority here, but a lot of the well-worn tropes on display here still work for me, particularly in the banter and the action–both of which help tremendously in establishing characters and their relationships from this initial outing right off the bat. I do agree with many criticisms about it being a bit overstuffed for a pilot, perhaps causing confusion for some as the show introduces us to a lot of characters and ideas all at once in the first episode. But I wasn’t confused and managed to get immersed in this world, finding myself growing fond of the ensemble as the episode went on, and actually excited to know what happens next. That’s the power of intriguing storytelling.

The first episode of THE NEVERS is now on HBO Max.

Mike Manalo

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