Tonally confused...to say the least.


In the early years of the 20th century, the Kingsman agency is formed to stand against a cabal plotting a war to wipe out millions.


RALPH FIENNES- Could it be that after all these years, that we’ve been out here underestimating Ralph Fiennes? We’ve all known he can play world class villains, domineering patriarchal supporting characters, historical figures, and Shakespearean anti-heroes alike. At this point when it comes to dramatic fare, he’s been one of the more venerable character actors of our time…if not of all time.

I couldn’t help but to think to myself watching him ABSOLUTELY NAIL these action scenes, the same thoughts as when I saw the GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL all those years ago when we found out his comedic timing was borderline impeccable

After witnessing the efforts of Fiennes in this film, we might as well put him on that list of 60-year-olds that can handle action just as well as anybody 30 years YOUNGER than they are. Action like this is something that I hope he does more of.

THE ACTION- One would think that if you’re going to go see a movie based off of the KINGSMAN franchise that the action will be front and center as to why you purchased your ticket. And in that sense it does not disappoint whatsoever.

Every single solitary one of the action sequences in this movie are creative, great to look at, wonderfully r-rated, effective in moving the story along while hitting plot points, and in the case of the Rasputin sword fight that is the highlight of the trailer of this film…hilarious in it’s execution.


CONRAD OXFORD-  I say this not to demean the performance of Harris Dickinson, but naturally, one is going to compare his performance in this film to Taron Egerton in the previous two KINGSMAN films giving house similar the characters honestly are. The biggest difference though is that Edgerton’s character is made charismatic mostly through his humor…and Dickinson’s character is ABSENT of humor by all means. Conrad Oxford is very much a BLACK HOLE of charisma giving the other unique or likable characters he shares the screen with. Dickinson is quite game for these action sequences, I’ll give him that…

But so is literally everybody else in this movie. He stands out in no discernible ways at all. Oxford is soooooooooooo boring.


BEING OFF-BRAND- Since Disney acquired the IP of 20th Century Fox, I know it’s easy to forget that KINGSMAN was one of those franchises that Fox stumbled upon before everything for them went to hell. These movies were popular not only because of being a legitimate r-rated action comedy franchise, but because the franchise itself dealt with humor that was immature in nature, as well as showing the specific contrast in comparing old-type action heroes to new style action heroes.

The crassness of it all, mixed with action that was intended to be over the top and goofy before it was meant to be anything else was the WHOLE POINT. Unfortunately this film lays all of that to waste. This here is a war film 100%. It is overtly political and bureaucratic. That it is an effectively told war film is absolutely not the point.

I couldn’t help but to notice the two sizable groups of people sitting in front of me that politely collected their things, and walked out of the theater. And to be honest, I could not blame them. Therein lies my conflict.

Those people, like myself, were convinced via multiple trailers laced with ON-BRAND humor, and action, (which is in the film mostly at the end of the 1st act) to come to the theater to watch something that was entirely different then what they were expecting.

And unfortunately, the film itself isn’t good enough to make up for it.

THE KING’S MAN is in theaters now.

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