THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR poetically showcases that true love is a supernatural force that either destroys or empowers you. It’s a horror story that is one of the best ghosts…scratch that, love stories of 2020.

Episode 1. I am not sleeping with the lights off 🤩
Episode 2. Wait, is this a puzzle or a horror show? 🤩
Episode 3. Is Oliver Jackson-Cohen playing the same character from THE INVISIBLE MAN? 🙂
Episode 4: This is not quite the spectacle reveal it intended to be… 😊
Episode 5: “Well,” that wasn’t what I was expecting… 🤩
Episode 6: This episode is far from being perfectly splendid and the weakest in the series so far. 🙂
Episode 7: Meep Meep! 🤩
Episode 8: Flashback story for the win! 🤩
Episode 9: #ImNotCryingYoureCrying 🤩

It is available to fall in love with on Netflix

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