While the latest episode of THE BAD BATCH doesn’t do much to further the overarching story or further develop its characters, THE RETRIEVAL is an enjoyable installment overall. I’m glad it picked up where we left off after last week – the two or three-episode arcs were on the best parts of the show’s predecessor, THE CLONE WARS, and the formula works well here, too.

The only thing that I was mildly disappointed by was the one-dimensional characters that were introduced. We meet Benni, a thief with a heart of gold who works in a colony of miners, unaware of the selfishness of the hoarding of their boss, Mokko. This situation feels so STAR WARS – between THE CLONE WARS and THE MANDALORIAN, we’ve seen it before; it’s to the point where Tech calls it out directly, in universe, at the end of the episode.

THE BAD BATCH S2E10 THE RETRIEVAL is now streaming on Disney+.

Tarush Mohanti

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