The second season of THE BAD BATCH proves that a whole can prove more than the sum of its parts. The show, which follows a small group of genetically divergent clones following the collapse of the Galactic Republic, explores how the infamous Empire quickly rose to power—especially the end of the clone troopers and the creation of the iconic stormtrooper.

I stopped reviewing individual episodes halfway through this season; at 20-something minutes, there isn’t enough to say. But I want to emphasize that the latter half of the season has incredibly compelling storytelling and world-building. Although THE BAD BATCH is considered a spinoff of THE CLONE WARS, it’s much more closely related, thematically and tonally, to THE MANDALORIAN. I also want to mention the animation itself is incredibly stylistic and distinct.

My girlfriend, Ateken, asked me, “Who is this show for?” After thinking about that for a while, THE BAD BATCH exists for those who love to flesh out the STAR WARS universe. It also falls into an overlap of “kids” and “adult” animation; intense storylines without the excessive Prime Video-defining blood-and-gore. It also helps that the show simultaneously acts as a closure for THE CLONE WARS while setting the stage for the rebellion.

THE BAD BATCH S2 is now streaming on Disney+.

Tarush Mohanti

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