This week’s episode of THE AFTERPARTY takes audiences on a spoof of the heist genre. Think OCEAN’S 11 with less wit. While it’s not the “Connect Four” it strives to be, it’s a solid imitation that’s easily one of the best this season, which isn’t saying much.

What worked was the show finally told a compelling story that focused more on the plot and less on the characters. There were a few reveals, many movie references, and the inevitable cliffhanger.

At the center of it was Jack Whitehall’s solid performance. Here’s an actor with the chops to be a leading man who has yet to do much outside the JUNGLE CRUISE.

THE AFTERPARTY is a whodunnit mystery in search of a whodunnit to care about. Here’s hoping that next week’s Tiffany Haddish-focused episode will have “two ways to win” and put this once promising show back on track.

It’s available on Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

Aaron Goldstein is a Product Manager by day, ludicrous speed content consumer by night. Heโ€™s a LA Film School Alumni and TV Academy / Producers Guild of America member. Aaron is a proud parent and dad joke enthusiast.

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