The GOJO deal is all but finished, with hours left to go. Everyone is getting their money. Given how the PGM deal from last week’s episode turned out, that should be good for everybody.

Everyone should be happy… Right?

Episode MVP


Usually, actors tend to send episodes towards the end of their seasons to the Academy for Emmys recognition. But it might do Mr. Cox some good to submit this one in particular. He’s given a whole lot to do in this episode, perhaps more than usual. His George Patton/Richard III type speech to the terrified employees of ATN is something that put a smile on my face.

Logan Roy’s usually designated to being quiet and evil most of the time. (BTW, Yes, Logan Roy is an evil character with very few redemptive qualities. People caping for him are hilarious) but in this episode, that aspect of him is turned down quite a bit, and not only do we get this speech, but we get a blockbuster scene toward the end of the episode.


The Blockbuster scene

“Holy s***. Did Dad just say a feeling?”
Yes, Kendall, he actually did. For once, his outright monstrous and completely degrading behavior towards all of his children was turned off. And we got perhaps the most earnest 5 to 10 minutes of Logan Roy’s character, quite possibly in this entire show. The emotional fallout from last year’s season finale really comes to a head here.


I’ve come to appreciate Connor’s character more than this show’s average viewer. Any extended time I get with this character is always a highlight. For the most part, Alan Ruck has been playing Connor as a doofus, and rightfully so. He has been the most delusional character in this show for quite some time.

However, we are now turning the corner, and the rather spurious nature of his relationship is starting to affect him in a big way. Because of the drama that everybody else has going on, Connor is often alone to face his feelings, and that was very apparent throughout this episode. To me, he’s the least terrible out of everyone, and out of every character on this show, it is he who deserves happiness and joy.


“Just because you say it doesn’t make it true. Everybody just f****** agrees with you and believes you, and if it becomes true, you can turn around and say….. ‘OH! YOU SEE? I WAS RIGHT!’……You’re a human f****** gaslight.”


Absolutely spot on. I’ve been saying this about Logan Roy since the beginning of the show. Making educated guesses on things doesn’t mean you’re still not guessing what’s going to happen. Logan just has the power to make everybody afraid of him, so rarely anybody disagrees. It doesn’t make him a genius like everyone says he is.


Ultimately, these are two very excellent episodes of television to start off this season, in my opinion. Because it’s the last season, we need to start asking ourselves where the show will place as far as the greatest shows of all time… If they can stick the landing by the end of this season. They’re off to a very good start.

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