Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

ANDOR S1 has finished, and I don’t know if there’s ever been a more inspired piece of Star Wars lore put to the screen. People can debate all day on what’s the best and rank the movies and the shows, but I said “inspired,” and I mean it. If you finish ANDOR and don’t feel a bit of revolution stirring in you, you might be on the Dark Side. 😉

It was an interesting choice to name the last episode, DAUGHTER OF FERRIX, when it’s this finale that literally and figuratively shines a light on Fiona Shaw’s powerful and captivating performance as Maarva, Cassian’s adopted mother. And while Bix has played an important role in the Rebel’s plans, it’s truly Maarva who has lit the fire of rebellion. Whether in her raising of Cassian to be the hero he is or the only-assumed but unseen actions that guided her life. RIX ROAD is where Cassian Andor will take everything he’s learned and experienced in his life thus far and take the path that brings him to us in ROGUE ONE. 

Composer Nicholas Britell’s score has been a treat from EP1, but the pieces of music in the finale are special. Special in a way like we think of John Williams’s iconic STAR WARS scores, yet incredibly different and only complementary to his work and that of Michael Giacchino, Ludwig Gӧransson, and Natalie Holt across the films and live-action shows. 

None of the magic that has been ANDOR could have held together with Diego Luna’s performance as our titular character. America, you’ve failed to make this magnificent actor the star he deserves to be here. I never thought a show based on a mostly-supporting role from ROGUE ONE could turn into the TV event of the year. Tony Gilroy’s producing and writing, the directing team, and Diego Luna’s return as Cassian has been absolute lightning in a bottle. Extra credit to the costuming team, especially those dressing Mon Mothma and her family. Shoulder pads have never ever looked cool until now. 

ANDOR, the complete first season, is streaming on Disney+, and now E1&2 are on Hulu for two weeks.

Jami Losurdo

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