A Broadway review from a pop-loving theatre fan.

SIX is the best concert on Broadway. Imagine the Schuyler Sisters getting their own reality TV musical and hosting a toe-tapping feel-good party. That’s SIX. And with a ton of liberties, it covers the history… sorry, the remixed “herstory” of the six wives of Henry the VIII. 

SIX was the last of five Broadway shows I saw with my mom, and I’m glad I saved until the end. It was a perfect way to “Get Down” and sing/dance with a group of strangers. 

My mom / contributor Esta Rosevear dancing to SIX.

Unlike other Broadway musicals, there’s no intermission. It’s eighty minutes of non-stop music that will have you partying with the delightful “Ex-Wives.” Since SIX isn’t known by people outside of the musical theatre scene, I’m trying to think of the perfect pitch to get everyone to see it. Imagine seeing a diverse all girl concert with shades of Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Adele, TLC, and En Vogue. That’s SIX, but on Broadway. And yes, it’s enough to make you worry that you “Don’t Lose Ur Head.

If you are going to Broadway this year, “All You (should) Wanna Do” is see SIX. Unless you have a “Heart of Stone” and you don’t enjoy musical theatre. 🎭

Underneath our masks, both my mom and I smiled throughout the sensational musical.

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