The team at SpoilerFreeReviews asked me to take on this week’s SHRINKING because I haven’t been as doe-eyed about it as they have been. I’ve loved Jessica Williams and Harrison Ford, but I could take or leave the rest. And I haven’t decided if I dislike Jimmy as a character (Jason Segel) or just dislike Segel in that role altogether. I want to believe it’s the former. He’s an often unpleasant sad sack. Last week’s IMPOSTER SYNDROME was my absolute favorite of the season, though. I really hoped I’d turned a corner on this show I want to love…

Did my colleagues trick me into reviewing a Ford-centric episode? Or maybe they knew it was written by none other than series co-creator Brett Goldstein, TED LASSO’S Roy Kent. (“He’s here, he’s there, he’s ever-fucking-where Roy Kent!”)

APOLOGY TOUR keeps up the momentum from last week, thanks to both of these things and kick-ass performances from Williams and Segel. Yes, I do think it’s just the character of Jimmy, who I don’t like most of the time. Thankfully he’s spent the last two episodes coming correct on himself, and they’ve turned out to be the most relatable, touching moments so far. Massive extra props to the supporting cast members who all have gotten their moments to shine. Double that for the writer’s room and Goldstein’s oversight that gives the supporting characters their own complicated personalities and not just existing to move our protagonist’s story forward. 

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t gone on their own personal apology tour. People say and do things they regret, and that is just human nature. Some need to do it more often than others. And even those of us with the best intentions can be assholes or stick our foot in our mouths or worse. APOLOGY TOUR does an incredible job of juxtaposing Paul’s (Ford) strained relationship with his daughter Meg with the fallout of the events of Jimmy’s party. Sometimes real-life apology tours are for a chaotic night, and sometimes for a lifetime of regrets.  

I also need to give bonus points to the casting team. The incredibly talented young actress that plays Jimmy’s daughter Alice, Lukita Maxwell, looks EXACTLY like she could be the real-life child of Tia actress Lilan Bowden. 

SHRINKING drops a new episode Thursday nights at 9 pm PT on AppleTV+.  

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