All of SFR (including myself) has fallen in love with the first season of SHRINKING, which is why it’s sad to report that this past week’s episode was the weakest link. Yet, even with a lesser episode, there’s still enough here to earn a 🤩 and make audiences “woof” for more time on the couch. 

The first few episodes of SHRINKING were heavy. It’s, after all, a TV show about therapists that are also human and as messed up as their patients. The last two episodes have focused on bringing the comedy elements into session. This is the opposite of TED LASSO plot structuring. LASSO has been all about comedy, and only in recent seasons has it gotten more into the dark side of our emotions. 

E5 focuses on Paul (Ford), and those moments work exceptionally well. Especially his time with Jimmy, Sean, and Alice. Yet, what doesn’t work is Gaby (Jessica Williams). Don’t get me wrong, Gaby’s character and Jessica Williams’s performance are fantastic. Yet, she’s one of those characters where less is more, and she gets a lot of screen time when I would’ve instead spent time with the other cast of lovable characters. 

Some key life lessons also happen in E5. Such as:

  • You can sit down when you’re angry
  • Your wife has no faults 
  • And no matter who you are, it’s okay to love Nina Simone

As Mike said in his review, “We recommend you schedule a session ASAP!

SHRINKING is available on Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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