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It took me a few episodes to get into Amy Schumer’s latest series on Hulu. It’s slower-paced, more serious, and more deliberate than anything she’s done for the small screen so far. This is probably why it feels the most personal. Come walk through Beth’s not quite mid-life crisis, which really might not be the crisis it seems after all.  Strong themes include love, loss, and learning to be comfortable in our own skin as we get older and our needs change.

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Somehow this film both gave away a crucial scene in the trailer AND somehow managed to deliver a film very different from what I thought it would be from viewing the trailer. I enjoyed this film immensely but it actually might just be a 😊 in a lot of ways. What made me choose 🤩  instead is that there’s a specific exchange between Cage and Pedro Pascal’s character that’s just so wonderfully delightful, it took it to the next level for me. Is Cage going to go back to making a shit-ton of low-budget indie films after this again? Probably maybe…but it’s Nic FUCKING Cage and for the most part we’ll be entertained.

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The last film that really touched me this deeply was INCEPTION 12 years ago. I am absolutely, positively in love with this story. I can’t recommend it enough. It was really EVERYTHING and I mean that in a serious “go see it now” sort of way as well as the slang “omg it was everything!” sort of way. You will be thrilled, challenged, made to laugh, cry, think deeply, confront your emotions, and then come out the other side a better person. 

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