A RICKCONVENIENT TRUTH is inconveniently the weakest of RICK AND MORTY’S new season. Yes, there’re some funny moments, but this CAPTAIN PLANET AND THE PLANETEERS spoof covers familiar territory without moving the characters forward enough to justify an entire episode.

Morty starts dating a “phase 4” superhero, PlaneTina. Her kids, the Tina-teers, can summon her whenever there’s an environmental emergency. Her purpose is to save the planet with the tagline, “Thereโ€™s only one solution to Earthโ€™s pollution.โ€ Elsewhere, Rick and Summer go on an intergalactic end of the world party crawl. The plot goes from one gross-out sex gag to the next. Unfortunately, none of it’s funny and takes away from Morty’s heartfelt story with “the chick in need of a dialogue pass.”

Every TV series has a few weak episodes, here’s to this being a one-off misstep, and things get back on track next week.

It’s available on Adult Swim.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

Aaron Goldstein is a Product Manager by day, ludicrous speed content consumer by night. Heโ€™s a LA Film School Alumni and TV Academy / Producers Guild of America member. Aaron is a proud parent and dad joke enthusiast.

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