RESORT TO LOVE is definitely for anyone who wants to escape to a beautiful vacation island and unexpectedly find love once again after a bad breakup. It’s about discovering who you want to be and who will share your life’s dreams. Cut to the credits. Cue the uplifting song. The movie is done.

There is not much else to say about this cookie-cutter film. We know the outcome. It has luscious backdrops, hot fashion, upbeat music, sad, heart-breaking moments that lead to romance, and tons of angst. It’s just that we have all watched this scenario before.

RESORT TO LOVE is pure, romantic escapism. If this is your thing, you will not be disappointed. Personally, I need more to my stories, but I have to say the resort and beach were stunning. I would vacation there to get away from my everyday reality.

RESORT TO LOVE is available to stream on Netflix.

Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about playing her violin, walking, gardening, and reading murder mysteries.

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