Night 5 of 13 Nights of Halloween

Do you like scary movies?

It’s time to “be afraid, be very afraid,” as SpoilerFreeReviews is dropping 13 spooky movies for fans to enjoy this PSL season. We will be posting our most frightful Halloween favorites over the next 13 spooky nights. So come join us around the fire as we tell our 13 creepy Halloween favorites. 

I don’t enjoy horror movies. If I spend my precious time at the theater, I want to be entertained, not frightened, which is why I am offering my thoughts on the greatest horror movie from the genre I like the least.

Written, produced, and now confirmed to have been directed by Steven Spielberg, the reason this movie works is the reason all Spielberg movies work – we believe the world he creates – no matter how crazy it becomes. Steven takes his love for suburban America, sticks a super haunted house right in the middle of it, and then drops your standard nuclear family into some very horrifying happenings.

Heather O’Rourke, as Carol Anne, is so awesomely creepy that when she gets sucked into the family TV by poltergeists, it’s up to her family, with the help of some professional ghostbusters, to rescue her. The pitch-perfect cast includes Jobeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson as the Mom and Dad with a big problem, but it is Zelda Rubenstein as the ‘ghost-house cleaner’ that really steals the show.

This movie was shot right before the advent of digital effects, so the practical effect, shot with the actors in real-time, makes everything so believable – the horror on their faces is real.

This Halloween, go to a thrift store, buy a barely working tube TV, plug in a VCR, and watch the best horror movie where no one gets chainsawed. “They’re Here!”

POLTERGEIST is available to stream on HBO Max.

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