EPISODE MVP – Annie Chang

Suppose we, as PEACEMAKER fans (or even haters too), can be honest with ourselves. In that case, the subplot of this entire season, mostly involving the legal mix-up with the incarceration of the White Dragon, has been subpar in comparison to the main plot, which has been fun, engrossing, and action-packed. As a result, I found myself asking two questions: 

  1. Is Chang any good? 
  2. Will she be given anything more in this show to do other than what I’m watching?

The answer to that first question has yet to come. The second answer to that question was indefinitely answered this week and emphatically so. To say anything more would be a major spoiler, but it should be noted that the second half of this week’s episode entirely belongs to her. And given what they have her doing now, the answer to that first question should be coming pretty soon.



If someone were on the fence about watching PEACEMAKER, and you only had one scene to convince them, I would show them the opening of this episode. In it, Peacemaker goes to a show and tell presentation in an elementary school class as a favor for a friend.

As one would expect things go pretty catastrophic from the jump. We inadvertently learn Peacemaker’s feelings about the Flash (unfavorable) and about Wonder Woman (more on that in a sec…). We also learned that he possibly fathered a child with a bartender from someplace called The Starlight Lounge. (Not a spoiler. Played as a joke….or at least I think it is)


Amidst the many things that the last two episodes of this show will have to address will be the impending fallout of the relationship between Adabayo and Peacemaker. A relationship that has been a very sweet and touching one until this point. One that I can only imagine will be built upon in possible future seasons of the show.

In the first few episodes of this show, Danielle Brooks didn’t have a lot to do, and though I still feel that being somewhat of a missed opportunity, it has come around at the right time. Brooks is a fantastic actress, and her presence in these last two episodes should be very entertaining. 


Re: Wonder Woman “I’ve never met her, but she did spend an entire party eye-effing me from across the room.”

– Peacemaker answering a question about Wonder Woman in the most “Peacemakery-type” way.



It’s not like I was expecting an entire episode revelation about Murns with an hour-long flashback (though that would have been pretty nice). And it’s not like the explanation for what was built up over the last two episodes isn’t sufficient. It is. But it felt very hollow and anticlimactic. Again, this is a two-episode build-up for a somewhat crucial plot point. A missed opportunity here. 


The last two episodes of PEACEMAKER have a lot of ground to cover, given the emergence of two brand new supervillains for him to face. Not to mention the possible fallout from Adabayo’s mistakes, storylines involving Murns and Vigilante, a reappearance by the Judomaster, and hell, maybe Harcourt will possibly have some backstory like EVERY other major character on the show. 

Maybe I’m asking too much with that last one…

PEACEMAKER is playing on HBO Max.

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