"Everything is operations."

PAM & TOMMY started as a sexy, fun comedy with people misbehaving. However, after THE MASTER BETA, the series has taken a turn into becoming a serious drama with real consequences.

It’s impressive that the show somehow makes the audience feel sympathetic for the lovable loser, Rand (Seth Rogen). His actions are atrocious, yet he’s easy to root for since Tommy (Sebastian Stan) did take advantage of him.

This week, the knockout empathy punch comes from Pam (Lily James). It’s easy to understand her concern over the “tape.” At one point, she states – “People are going to think your cool (Tommy) for this and get high fives in the street. While people will look at me like a slut.” With that, Pam has stated the theme of this show. Despite it being about individuals misbehaving, people look at a woman differently when they have sex, even with their partner.

One quick aside, the only funny moment in E4 involved PAM & TOMMY going to the library to use a computer. Please tell me this happened in real life. 🤞

Heading into the final four episodes, I’m excited for a “Live Wire” ending. “The Dirt” has officially hit the fan, and by the end of it, audiences may need to call a “Dr.” to “Feelgood” with the results. And yes, I just quoted three Mötley Crüe songs in this review. 😝

It’s available to stream on Hulu.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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