Just last week, I was Googling pirate genre content. I felt like we haven’t seen much of it since PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. As if Taika Waititi was reading my mind, he dropped three near-perfect episodes of OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH.

Rhys Darby (“we’re werewolves, not swear-wolves”) plays an adorably dainty pirate captain – think Michael Scott from THE OFFICE mixed with Taika Waititi’s character from WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (2014) 🤩. There’s a stellar supporting cast, most notably Fred Armisen, Leslie Jones, and Taika Waititi himself. The sets are beautiful, too – the bright Caribbean setting is refreshing (and not just because I just went and really want to go back).

There are already hints that this show is going to be similar to WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS and even RESERVATION DOGS, combining off-beat humor with surprisingly deep existential questions. And I’m excited to see where we sail to next.

OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH is now streaming on HBO Max.

Tarush Mohanti

Tarush Mohant is a playlist curator and music explorer, the creator of illussongs (illustrations of songs), and has a fitness plan motivated by action movies (running, climbing, swimming, hiking).

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