Here's Esta, Jami, and Aaron's take on Season 3 of MYTHIC QUEST

JAMI: I’m sad to report this was my least favorite season of MYTHIC QUEST.

ESTA: Yes, MQ had an uneven season. I thoroughly enjoy this series, but they set the bar very high with certain episodes.

AARON: Agreed. The best episode of the season was SARIAN, and the lone weekly highlights for me were anything involving Carol, Jo, and Brad.

JAMI: I hoped that Ian and Poppy breaking out on their own would breathe new creative life into their endeavors, but it did little to help the show. The game united each character and what drove them to success or failure, but S3 felt like a tangent that never returned to the main story.

AARON: In other words, S3 was a “side quest.”

JAMI: LOL, yes! Although this season felt miles away from the S1 or S2, Poppy’s time away from Mythic Quest HQ allowed her to be the show’s MVP. All of Ian’s (Rob McElhenney) scenes with Charlotte Nicdauo’s Poppy were better and more interesting than anything upstairs at MQ.

ESTA: 100%. However, my season MVP is Jo, who finally got to let her hair down via a tank. She made me laugh out loud with her dramatic antics. She is so fun to watch. She catches viewers off guard with her choices.

AARON: Yeah, the brunch episode was a standout for that group. I also loved how Brad and Jo’s story arcs all add up by the end of S3 with an earned climax.

ESTA: Regardless of S3, MQ is one of my favorite shows. As Jo would say, I hope the writers are “on it” for what’s in store next season.

JAMI: The writers should be. This season served as a space to set up future stories instead of being its own thing. So that gives me hope for next year.

AARON: The “year of filler” is complete. “Game on” for next year, making a comeback.

Season 3 of MYTHIC QUEST is available on Apple TV+.

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