“It’s not enough to predict a future where things are different. They have to be unexpected and inevitable at the same time.”

Television backstory can be filler, but not in the hands of Craig CHERNOBYL Mazin. BACKSTORY is a perfect 30 minutes. Audiences that have and have not seen MYTHIC QUEST will fall in love with the latest episode.

For those following this little-seen comedy, we finally get to know why C.W. Longbottom (played expertly in all other episodes by F. Murray Abraham) is the man he’s today. In this flashback episode, C.W.’s played in an Emmy-worthy performance by Josh “Big Head” Brener. His C.W. mannerisms are at once heartbreaking and infuriating as we continue to watch his ego destroy his life.

BACKSTORY isn’t a comedic episode. It’s 100% intense drama. It reminds me more of scenes from THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT than anything we’ve seen come before it in MYTHIC QUEST.

Everyone believes they can be a good writer, yet to be one, you have to “really see the world that is yet to come.” What’s so fascinating about C.W.’s claim to fame is that he does see the world to come, just through a different lens. One that’s not approving in simple linear terms, but one that will eventually turn him into the lovably infuriating character.

Thank you, Rob McElhenney, for an expertly crafted episode. “P.S. I enjoyed your use of backstory.”

It’s avaialble on AppleTV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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