It’s a fascinating and fun look at the making of the show, from getting everything as period specific as possible, to the writing of each jingle. However if you’re looking for any teases about where the show may go, you won’t get any. And to be honest, for a show as unique and unconventional to the MCU as WANDAVISION, one would hope the behind the scenes special would be just as such, but it’s not. It plays out a bit like a traditional 1-hour bonus feature on a DVD, whereas something like THE MANDALORIAN GALLERY’s “Dinner-for-Five” format would have been more engaging. Nevertheless, it’s still interesting and there’s a lot of tidbits in here that allow you to understand why the show was so expensive to make, and admire the craftsmanship and detail that goes into fine storytelling.

MARVEL STUDIOS ASSEMBLED: THE MAKING OF WANDAVISION is available to stream on Disney+ now.

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