Q: The SOUTH PARQ VACCINATION SPECIAL is a conspiracy!!! It’s a liberal conspiracy special created by the baby-eating Hollywood Elite as a way to make fun of the QAnon!!! And damn it, it’s amazing and so effing funny!

Q: In all seriousness, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are mad geniuses! And one year after the Pandemic Special, they don’t miss a beat with a sharp and biting commentary taking rightful aim at far-right QAnon Trump supporters in America post Trump’s loss, the sad nature behind their inability to accept the 2020 presidential results. and the ridiculous, insane crackpot theories they actually believe,

Q: Cleverly being equally honest about the insanity and stupidity behind those ridiculous conspiracy theories adds to the laughs in this special. It also hilariously comments on the current and frustrating nature behind the difficulties of getting COVID vaccinations, as well as the impatience, and disappointment of non-elderly individuals desperate for a shot. All this while also giving a heartfelt yet hilarious storyline for the main boys’ desires to keep their “broship” alive.

Q: All in all, after 25 years on the air, SOUTH PARQ’s greatest strength is and always will be in its ability to keep us laughing, AND keep relevant with the times in ways shows like THE SIMPSONS or FAMILY GUY have really gotten stale and lazy at. And I’m insanely grateful to these meta-humor masters for always skewering the aspects and people within society today that deserve to get roasted the most! Thank you Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman–Even if you are part of the blood-drinking Hollywood Elite!

Q: Available to stream now on HBO Max! But be careful, because it’s all a Hollywood liberal conspiracy!!! And they may track your information if you watch it (even though it’s kind of worth!)

Mike Manalo

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