Once again, there’s a bit of love, a LOT of death, and a few robots in this gory anthology sci-fi series. Season three returns with another mixed bag of animated shorts. Since not everyone has time to watch all nine episodes, I have them ranked below.


1. E1 THREE ROBOTS: EXIT STRATEGIES – The three lovable post-apocalyptic robots are back from season one with more witty banter. Remember how the world ends – “we were mean to robots, and then the robots killed us.”

2. E4 NIGHT OF THE MINI DEAD – The funniest seven minutes in S3. Who doesn’t love miniature zombies ruining things? It’s basically – THE SIMS: ZOMBIE EDITION. 

3. E7 MASON’S RATS – RATATOUILLE gone wrong.


4. E9 JIBARO – A violent ballet with a siren that should make John Woo fans swoon. 

5. E2 BAD TRAVELING – David Fincher directs the grossest episode out of S3. Yet, the winner in this tense tale is the score and animation. Outside of that, the story gets “shipwrecked” at times.


6. E6 SWARM – AVATAR meets THE MATRIX in a beautiful yet dull episode. 

7. E5 KILL TEAM KILL- Yes, the creators of LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS made an episode about a honey badger that don’t give a shit. Despite a ton of bloodshed, it’s not as cool as the actual honey badger

8. E8 IN VAULTED HALLS OF ENTOMBED – God is dead in this episode, so embrace the “suck…” of the uncanny valley. 

9. E3 THE VERY PULSE OF THE MACHINE – “If you’re a machine, what is your function? To know.” Nope.

All nine episodes are available on Netflix. 

BONUS: My ranked listing of S2 episodes: LINK

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