I didn’t know what to expect going into LAMB, and I recommend you do the same. Well, that’s not entirely true – A24 has a slate of incredibly disturbing horror movies, so I was preparing myself for the usual anguish that accompanies. THE WITCH, HEREDITARY, and MIDSOMMAR have all given me too many sleepless nights, worried about various cults, creatures, and ghouls lurk around my home.

All that to say – LAMB is not a horror movie. It’s, well, too cute. Sure, there are some startling moments, and the mood is tense throughout the film – but that’s only because the movie wants you to feel that way. Taken out of context, most scenes in the film would be idyllic. The shots of the Icelandic setting are incredibly picturesque.

LAMB is a movie about family, unconditional love, and what happiness is. It’s hard to recognize that while you’re watching it, but after a good night’s sleep, I truly believe that. The only thing that doesn’t make this a Pixar short is the (relatively sparse) violence and blood. (There also isn’t much gore in the film, if you’re sensitive to that).

If you’re looking for a movie that’s a mix of MARRIAGE STORY, the Pixar short BAO, the mood of THE LIGHTHOUSE, and a sprinkle of Guillermo del Toro, watch LAMB in theaters now.

Tarush Mohanti

Tarush Mohant is a playlist curator and music explorer, the creator of illussongs (illustrations of songs), and has a fitness plan motivated by action movies (running, climbing, swimming, hiking).

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