"You ever come across someone that just makes you better in every way?

HAWKEYE’s six-episode arc comes to a close with the Christmas heavy finale. With a snap of a finger, I’m happy to report that HAWKEYE hits the bullseye to become the best Disney+ MCU TV series yet. Some might say that HAWKEYE doesn’t take as many risks as WANDAVISION, nor is it as different as LOKI. For me, that’s okay because it provides the most consistency. Oh, and it’s also able to make ridiculous dialogue like, “when I was younger aliens invaded” into a heartfelt speech.

As the big reveal happens confirming who Hawkeye has been “worried about this whole time,” the action and spectacle ramp up along with it. The action still has time for a lot of fun, including an absurd scene on ice that felt like a PG-13 version of HOME ALONE.

Even with the ramped-up action, the heart of HAWKEYE is the perfect story arcs between Clint (Jeremy Renner) and Kate (Hailee Steinfeld). Clint’s loss from the events of AVENGERS: ENDGAME finally comes full circle as he’s able to heal through one plot I won’t dare spoil. What makes Clint and Kate’s relationship fly even higher is that as he teaches her the lessons of being a superhero, he’s also teaching them to the audience. From how to be a superhero and the delicate balance it takes to walk between both the world of being a hero and the sacrifice it will have on your family.

HAWKEYE is set during Christmas. And after E6, it makes sense why. The main plot has Clint trying to get home to his family before the holiday. Still, he keeps getting stopped by things along the way to learn various lessons of family, compassion, and most importantly, how to forgive yourself. If that’s not the magic of Christmas, then I don’t know what is.

HAWKEYE E6 is available on Disney+.

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