"We are defined by what we do. Not by nice words. Like it or not, there is no escaping this."

If HAWKEYE sticks the landing for next week’s finale, it will solidify itself as my favorite Phase 4 project to date. This week’s episode was 100%, hands down, by far the one audiences have been waiting for.

What started out as a good series has gotten better and better and more fun and more amazing each episode, to the point where I can officially call it a GREAT MCU series, and so far on its track to be the best!

This episode literally had it all. From a couple of gut-wrenching, heart-breaking moments for two characters in particular (one immediately in the beginning, and one in the middle), to some really amazingly hilarious bits from one of this episode’s most important guest stars, to a sobering perspective on Clint Barton’s activities as Ronin during AVENGERS: ENDGAME, a deserved and earned monologue declaring justice for a particular fallen character, and a grand finale that opens the doors for this universe wider than we thought they were. The performances across the board are phenomenal, with Renner delivering a gut punch monologue scene, to Steinfeld holding her own against some of the best actors working today.

Which leads us to a scene-stealing, Emmy-nomination-worthy performance from the episode’s central guest star. Said individual made us laugh, cry, and question our takes on heroism in this universe in just a few minutes. And that makes for one of the most enjoyable, powerful moments in this phase of the MCU so far.

Add to this a game-changing finale that will have fans foaming at the mouth for more, and you have a near-perfect episode of television! Or perhaps at least one of my favorite hours of television I’ve seen all year!

HAWKEYE S1E5 is on Disney+ right now!

Mike Manalo

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