Shockingly not terrible.


The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode comes to a spine-chilling climax in this final installment of this trilogy.


JAMIE LEE F****** CURTIS- What this movie is more than it is anything else, is a tribute to an iconic character, played by an iconic actress, in an iconic franchise. The portrayal of Strode in the previous two films have always been interesting, with her being a Sarah Connor, Terminator 2-ish kind of world weary (and battle ready) matriarch. The mistake of the previous two films was to make everything about Michael Myers rampaging to and fro. Because of that, we met a lot of characters that didn’t turn out to be important, with side stories that were ridiculous, and characters almost purposefully putting themselves in poorly written, laughably silly situations just so that we can see Michael Myers add to his body count. By simply making the story about Strode you thankfully ignore a lot of that.

Yes, you don’t get a lot of the cheap kills that this franchise is known for. However, what also ends up happening is that you make the presence of Michael Myers imposing in a different way, and you have enough time to explain to the audience that although Myers is imposing, in a way…so is Strode.


COREY- The overall theme in the movie is the idea of evil changing shape. The idea of what happens to mass groups of people when they are so overwhelmed with fear paranoia and dread. The second main character of this film Corey, is the vessel of this message. It is within the journey of this character that the film makes very noticeable mistakes that keep the film from being better than what it is.

It’s very spoilerific to go into the details of these particular mistakes however, so I must stop the criticism here. There are very interesting places that the story goes with this character….interesting things that should’ve perhaps been introduced in the previous entry of this trilogy, and not in the final chapter.


Allyson– it seems that every single big budget American horror film these days has to have at least one character that does all the stupid things, and makes all of the terrible, unrealistic, ultra silly decisions that makes the audience roll their eyes. Usually, these characters are ancillary because they need to be cannon fodder for Myers. We the audience have always understood that. But this movie is a relative change of pace. It is so much focused on ending the story than being a typical slasher film.

That being said, it is in fact really stupid to have the singular character in this movie making all the buffoonish, unintelligent decisions be the granddaughter of Laurie Strode of all people. It is so hard writing a spoiler free review when there’s a character like this doing all of the stupid s*** for the sake of advancing the plot.


I previously made an episode on my podcast ranting against the b******* that was the first film of this trilogy. I wrote a review in the Halloween series on this very website railing against the b******* of the second movie. I walked into this movie grumpy, and cynical. And that was well deserved. But the absence of cheap gimmicks, and cheaply written characters, the boldness of closing out with a coherent story, and the simple adjustment to let Jamie Lee Curtis carry this movie as much as she can makes so much sense that its practically f****** miraculous.

I assure you dear reader, I have not ingested one drop of alcohol today. Nor am I currently hungry enough to impair my judgment in any way. What I’m about to say is as honest as it is absolutely inconceivable…

Though it does have some heavy flaws…This is an enjoyable Michael Myers movie.

And the fact that that’s not a joke in any way might prove the actual existence of a multiverse.

Just sayin.  

HALLOWEEN ENDS is in theaters now…and streaming on Peacock simultaneously for some reason.

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