I was a huge FRIENDS fan so I had some trepidation regarding this reunion. I knew early on that it was going to be interviews with the original cast and creators, so while it was treading on hallowed ground, it does so lightly. Hosted by James Cordon, the six sit on the Central Perk couch and reminisce with James about the show. This is actually the least interesting part! What was most touching was them in Rachel and Monica’s apartment, re-enacting the trivia game from that famous episode and talking very frankly about what it was like to be, very suddenly, the most famous people in the world. Showrunners Marta Kauffmann, David Crane, and Kevin Bright provide behind-the-scenes insights into the production of the show, including the fascinating casting process. All six friends really loved each other in real life, and 17 years after the end of the show, all that love is evident as if a day had not passed since the final wrap.

Hugely touching and sentimental, FRIENDS: THE REUNION on HBO MAX, reminds us of why this was one of the greatest TV comedies.

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