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Do you like scary movies?

It’s time to “be afraid, be very afraid” as SpoilerFreeReviews is dropping 13 spooky movies for fans to enjoy this PSL season. We will be posting our most frightful Halloween favorites over the next 13 spooky nights. So come join us around the fire as we tell our 13 creepy Halloween favorites. 🎃 

I love over-the-top violent horror films. I love the genre even more, when they take risks and kill kids. Why? Because if you kill a kid in a movie, that means no one is safe. A big thank you goes to director Leigh Janiak for reminding me why I’ve always been a fan of horror. She’s officially the “it” filmmaker to watch in 2021 after turning in a trilogy of masterful genre mixing with FEAR STREET. 

FEAR STREET PART ONE: 1994 is a traditional 90s slasher flick (think SCREAM) with some comedy. PART TWO: 1978 gets darker and less comedic (think FRIDAY THE 13th) as it’s beholden to the ax that Tommy wields. Lastly, PART THREE: 1666 goes full-on period piece with a dash of BACK TO THE FUTURE fun. It has suspenseful classic horror that mixes a thrilling rated R STRANGER THINGS like 90s conclusion. The tonal and genre-defying mix across the trilogy creates a perfect mash-up for old and new audiences to dive into this bloody pulp universe. 

My ranking of the trilogy:

  1. PART THREE: 1666 🤩
  2. PART ONE: 1994 🤩
  3. PART TWO: 1978 😊 

The debate I get into a lot with people is that horror is like comedy. When a person is scared, they often laugh at themselves for allowing themselves to be tricked into being afraid. I love that feeling. But more importantly, horror and comedy are very personal. What might make me laugh or be frightened might be the opposite for others. With that said, FEAR STREET has so many different styles going for it that the bloody buffet of horror and comedy should have something in it to fit anyone’s horror palette. 

The theme of all three films is simple – don’t be afraid of things that are different, and entitlement can be deadly in the wrong hands. Those themes play out in various gory ways in each part. Yet, with some help from the Konami cheat code, the good protagonists might be “up, up” to the challenge. 

If you are looking for late-night viewing that had me investigate strange noises in my home while watching, plant yourself on the sofa with a large popcorn and watch this new trilogy of heart-stopping screams on Netflix. 

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