Dave attends his first Met Gala, while Gata attends his first mental health panel.


Lil Dicky (I guess)

Dave wins this award this week by default because there isn’t any other supporting character on this show that is prominently featured enough to make an impact, and there are so many celebrity cameos in this episode almost none of them managed to make an impact. Lil Dicky isn’t bad by any means. He can effortlessly carry this show even when it is unfocused and all over the place.



Not only am I unfamiliar with the music of Jack Harlow, but I am so appalled by the existence of the White Men Can’t Jump remake that I refuse to see that movie. I have no knowledge of the talents of Mr. Harlow except for this one episode right here, and I got to tell ya… It’s a shame that they don’t feature him in this show more than they have.

He is the perfect antithesis of Lil Dicky. He’s taller, better looking (even though they have the same aesthetic basically), is also a successful rapper, and needlessly combative and impolite to Dave. This really could have been the Vader to Dave’s Luke. Yet I do understand this show has a lot of ground to cover, and that’s why it hasn’t happened.


Shockingly, there wasn’t any. Not even a song by Dave which usually is easy money when it comes to this category.



This show is at its best when Dave is going headfirst into a really crazy situation. Usually, those situations have a bit of a buildup to the execution. The #RIPLILDICKY episode was a great example of building a wild situation, having the characters react to it, and then form a wacky response to it.

Here, the focus is so much on how many celebrities can be packed into one episode that the interactions that each of them has with Dave feel very bite-sized. It’s just scattered all over the place. What turns out to be a satirization of what the Met Gala may be like turns into a spoofing of literally each and every celebrity that Dave comes across. That’s fine and all; there’s just not enough time in the episode for all of these jokes involving the celebrities to land.

Not to mention, the celebrities really don’t start popping up until about 10 minutes into the episode itself, so it’s really all over the place in a negative way.


I don’t know if it’s the idea that this show doesn’t know what to do with Dave after he’s reached this mammoth level of success or if they’re building something up to where Dave is going to lose the status of celebrity in some grandiose fashion.

The “Looking for Love” tour was the theme of this season, and there was even an idea of Dave canceling the tour because he didn’t feel professionally fulfilled. That idea….was really going somewhere. And I don’t want to say this season has been derailed by Dave getting everything he wants. But it seems to be heading that way.  

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