I disliked this movie so much that it took me over a month before I was ready to write about it. The first 15 minutes are little girl torture porn where the message is that if you have your idyllic childhood taken away from you and instead are trained as an assassin by a ruthless (male) tyrant, you will end up one day as Natasha Romanoff – flawed but still super-cool.

The rest of the movie is your standard Marvel Studios fare – endless, high-action set pieces lightened up by witty banter and forced familial relationships. Scarlett Johansson does her best with the formulaic script by Eric Pearson. But the real issue here is that nothing is at stake – this story takes place in the middle of the Avengers MCU, where no matter what happens, it just doesn’t matter.

What makes matters worse is that Disney released the movie on their streaming platform, which totally undermined the theatrical box office that the theater chains so desperately needed. And to add insult to injury, Scarlett is suing Disney over profit sharing.

It’s available theatrical or on Disney+.

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