A quick note, I messed up and forgot to watch BETTER CALL SAUL last week, so this is a combo review of E8 POINT AND SHOOT and E9 FUN AND GAMES. 

With that out of the way – holy f*cking sh*t, BETTER CALL SAUL is back and continues to be a criminally underrated show! So please POINT AND SHOOT your TV to AMC to have some FUN AND GAMES for the end of this epic series. 

Let’s start with POINT AND SHOOT. This might be the best episode yet and easily one of the greatest of any show in 2022. Within thirty-seven minutes of flawlessly executed suspense, a pivotal moment changes the series as we advance through the back half of the season. Usually, a show would drag out critical elements of the story to ensure audiences know every nuance, but not in SAUL. So instead, we get quiet moments from Kim, Saul, Gus, and Lalo. And it’s in the quiet where the show becomes the best series to say a lot without having characters say anything at all. 

It’s no surprise that Vince Gilligan directed E8. It plays like an extension of BREAKING BAD, ramping up the tension to a level not seen yet in the SAUL universe. The theme is simple: “don’t be fooled; even a house cat can scratch.”

Onto some FUN AND GAMES in E9. Rhea Seehorn as Kim deserves all the awards. While E8 is about the actions, E9 is all about the consequences. 

When a certain character says, “I love you too, but so what,” it’s instantly devastating and, oh, so true.

At one point, Saul says, “One day, we will wake up and realize we haven’t thought about it all. And that’s when we know. We’ll know when we can forget.” Here’s hoping that we never forget BETTER CALL SAUL. If we do, I’ll need to “LWYRUP” and sue audiences that aren’t watching.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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