Day 4 of Spoiler Free Review’s 12 days of Christmas

There’s a reason TBS can get away with showing this for 24 hours straight, and not have people get sick of it (I know it represents an annual tradition for me and my family). A CHRISTMAS STORY is not only one of the funniest damn Christmas movies ever made–it’s just one of the funniest movies ever made period! A movie that flopped on its initial release, but ended up becoming a classic through the endearing iconography of a smutty leg lamp, a tongue stuck to a pole, and a pair of pink bunny pajamas.

The film presents universally relatable scenario after universally relatable scenario about the pains and joys of growing up, from dealing with bullies, learning about corporate commercial promotions for the first time, getting in trouble over your first curse word, and going after that one Christmas present you knew your life would never be complete without (or your face, for that matter, after you literally do shoot your eye out). And that not only makes the misadventures of Ralphie, Randy, Ma, and The Old Man all the more funny, but infinitely more touching.

And quite frankly, nothing will ever make me laugh harder during the Holiday season, than the traumatic fish-eye lensed POV scene of the a-hole mall Santa kicking Ralphie down a slide after telling him he’d shoot his eye out, and the catatonic look on his face after the inevitable shootdown/disappointment. I dare you not to laugh or at least smile once during that scene!

It is available on Hulu.

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