#22 The DEAD CARPET Horror Awards (w/Kevin Lane’s SPILL YOUR GUTS)

This week’s episode is a KILLER cross-collab as Kevin Lane’s SPILL YOUR GUTS joins me for the first annual DEAD CARPET Horror Awards! We’re recognizing the remarkable contributions to the genre that other award ceremonies choose to ignore. The episode is available to listen to on BOTH OF OUR PODCAST CHANNELS.


  • INSTA: @RickOrTreatPod


  • KEVIN’S INSTA: @kslane
  • SPILL YOUR GUTS’ INSTA: @spillyourguts_podcast)

RICKY (Host):

RICKY MESTRE (Statuette Illustrator):

  • SOCIALS: @rickymestre

MIKE HADDEN (Original Awards Musi  Composer)

Ricky J Duarte

[He/him/his] Ricky is a writer, actor, and singer. He's also the host of Rick or Treat Horrorcast, a biweekly horror movie podcast. He lives in a super haunted apartment in New York City above a giant, spooky cemetery with his evil cat, Renfield, and the ghosts of reasons he moved to New York in the first place. www.RickOrTreat.com

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