Aaron and Esta from SpoilerFreeReviews took turns reviewing each episode this season. Here’s their full season review.

Esta: This show was strange, quirky, and very unique. Each week, I wanted to know what the big “emergency” is and how these four young, brilliant children can fix our world.

Aaron: Agreed. The show sometimes brings out the action and suspense while capturing a Wes Anderson light style. It’s a fun distraction from life.

Aaron: The show can be frustratingly uneven. One week is jam-packed with action, and then there are at minimum three episodes of filler to follow. Audiences can only wait so long to find out what the heck “the emergency” is.

Esta: I wish I could make a bunch of lovely comments about all eight episodes, but maybe this season review is just a filler as well.

Esta: I found it refreshing that THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY brought almost every aspect of the story to a conclusion. It left me with a sigh of contentment for children who feel not seen or wanted. Now I am ready for what may come next if renewed.

Aaron: When a kid show has thoughtful messages like, “proof is useless unless it’s proof of something people already want to believe in,” I usually applaud them. Yet, there wasn’t enough plot to warrant eight episodes. So for me, this show has officially kicked the “bucket,” and I won’t be tuning in next season.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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