What is going on with this show. What was once the best written sitcom on TV has evolved into wtf decisions, including having some really major events happen off camera. Why? The show doesn’t bother to justify or explain. Instead it’s too busy filling it’s over bloated runtime with garbage moments we don’t need to see but are forced to (thank you Eli for reminding me of Nate and his stupid violin).

I am also finding it flabbergasting that a show called TED LASSO has spent 10 episodes this season with absolutely zero semblance of a consequential storyline for Ted Freaking Lasso! For the past half season we have had Ted appear randomly to say a discount version of his trademark corn-fed life altering slogans, and then go back off camera while we focus on another character doing something we don’t care about.

Again. Why? Why do this? It’s not like there’s a shortage of compelling storylines for the character. It’s not like one season of self improvement means he’s cured. It’s not like he has completely made peace with Michelle dating again. So really. There’s no excuse not to do anything with Ted in favor of storylines with Isaac, or Dani or Van Damme.

It’s hilarious that critics criticized THE MANDALORIAN this season for not focusing on Din Djarin, when TED LASSO has been doing this worse, and on the show’s final season. At least Mando had the good sense to focus on *a* Mandalorian (Bo Katan) and the fate of Mandalore in a show called THE MANDALORIAN. No one else on this show during this god forsaken season is named Ted Lasso, but they’re all getting storylines we never needed because…reasons? So literally why there’s hate for one but not the other is astonishingly disappointing and hypocritical of critics.

Seriously. Why is there even a section of this dedicated to Dani doing a Jekyll and Hyde situation and crushing Doritos when there’s a million storylines they could follow up on. We wrote out major character moments for this?

We have 2 episodes left this season to wrap up THE ENTIRE SERIES and they’ve literally accomplished NOTHING. And we are getting these miraculous changes and character evolutions off screen for all characters except Ted Lasso who’s clearly a background supporting character in his own show now. So literally nothing is feeling earned.

It’s like the whole series is spitting tea in our faces. And it’s supposed to be cute. But ultimately, it all literally just feels like pointless tree piss.

TED LASSO S3E10 is now streaming on Apple TV+…but frankly why bother.

Mike Manalo

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